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  1. All the recipes on this site, with the exception of a few from the inception of the blog, are considered vegan. This means that I have used ingredients free of any animal products or origin. However, it is your responsibility to check the ingredients that you use to recreate any of my recipes. We may use different brands of products that vary in their composition.
  2. I have no food allergies, so I have not marked up my recipes in depth to denote “gluten free,” “soy free,” etc. If you have food allergies, it is important you check the ingredients in the recipe before making it. The Vegetarian Carnivore assumes no liability for health issues including, but not limited to: allergic reactions, bloating, any physical discomfort, etc.
  3. I love experimenting with recipes and sharing them with you! But I cannot guarantee the outcome of the recipe for you. Due to availability of ingredients, location, environment, difference in cooking equipment, etc, your outcome may vary from mine.
  4. Please use your best judgement in the kitchen. The Vegetarian Carnivore is not responsible for any kitchen mishaps! These can include cut fingers, burnt food, etc.
  5. I am not a medical professional. I am not a doctor. I am not a dietician or nutritionist. All my nutrition knowledge is self taught. The information and nutritional advice I share here is what I have researched through independent research studies and through interviews with medical professionals. It is what has worked well for me. The information here should be taken as a general guideline, but should NOT be used as a substitute to your healthcare provider’s advice. Before starting any diet, it is your responsibility to consult your healthcare provider.
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  7. My plant based lifestyle course, Root Yourself, provides general advice and nutrition facts on transitioning to a plant based lifestyle. I am sharing tips, tricks, and facts that I have accumulated over the years to lead a successful plant based lifestyle, which have worked for me. It is meant to be used as a guideline, and is NOT meant to replace your healthcare provider’s guidance. For example, I am not responsible for your excessive bloating and discomfort due to overconsumption of beans, just because I mentioned beans are highly nutritious. By purchasing, you acknowledge this.
  8. If you have preexisting conditions or illnesses, you’re responsible for exercising caution and talking to your healthcare provider before beginning my course or making any of my recipes. The Vegetarian Carnivore does not assume any liability for health problems you may encounter with any of my recipes or paid products.
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