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Desserts in Spain – Some Phenomenal Places

Hey everyone! If you have been following my travel adventures, then welcome back! If not, welcome to my blog, a place to where I hope you decide to come back again 😉 My last few blog posts focused on vegetarian and vegan restaurants all around Spain and I think my articles speak for themselves: the options are plenty so there is no reason to eat less than gourmet food if you don’t eat Iberian ham. That being said, I think this final article here is the most anticipated one on my Spain travels and it has to do with everyones’s favorite part of a meal: desserts! So there you have it – I will be talking about some of the most wonderful desserts in Spain that I was lucky enough to try.

Some things to keep in mind…

Desserts are vegetarian by nature. Duh. And for that reason, I have never personally had an issue finding desserts that I could eat. In addition, I am not lactose intolerant or allergic to anything traditionally in desserts so I am putting that out there right away. Therefore, I didn’t actively seek out vegan dessert places because those are a little more difficult to find, besides the desserts in vegan restaurants. If you haven’t read my previous articles, I discuss desserts as part of my evaluations of fully vegan restaurants here and here. Seriously, read them, if only for the beautiful dessert pics 😉

Anyway, back on track. The two places I am going to talk about here are both places I stumbled upon by accident and learned they were either vegan friendly or lactose intolerance friendly or gluten intolerance friendly. It was really a great experience to find food restrictions friendly places and I can’t wait to dive right in.

Freedom Cakes

This one is in Madrid and was easily the happiest accident of my entire trip. So you all have read my previous articles from Spain (obviously, right?) and know that one of my favorite vegan restaurants was Vega. I ended up going twice to Vega during my trip because I just had to have their delicious food one more time before leaving. Anyway, the first time I went around 8:30, which, by the way, is considered early for dinner in Spain! The entire country just runs on a completely different circadian rhythm. Anyway, at the time, I did not know just how popular and incredibly tiny this restaurant was. So it was super crowded and they almost had to turn my mom and me away, but managed to squeeze us in at bar area seating. In an attempt to take the same risk I went at 7:30 the next time, all excited that I cracked the system.

NEWSFLASH: I didn’t.

Turns out they only start serving dinner at 8:30 anyway so I was in this weird place with an entire hour on my hands. I started to walk around and found this super cute little cake and dessert shop called Freedom Cakes and decided to walk in. I am a sucker for cupcakes so I got the Oreo one and it was literally the greatest thing I have ever tasted. Literally not even kidding.

This place was so memorable that I wanted to have it again the next day and looked it up to check timings…. and then I saw it. IT WAS A VEGAN PLACE. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I guess since it wasn’t written all over the shop like a lot of vegan places usually are, I completely missed it. And guess what? I couldn’t tell that the impossibly moist cake and the decadent creamy buttercream frosting were vegan. I didn’t even suspect it. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how it’s done. So I walked into the shop the next day and had the most fascinating talk with the owner, Jaime, who was telling me that this place is the first and only vegan dessert shop in Madrid. And then he went on to tell me more about how they get the buttercream frosting so spot on and I was literally just sitting there speechless. Vegan food is plentiful, but vegan desserts are difficult. Think about it – almost everything I can think of has whipped egg whites or yolks. Substituting plant milk for regular milk and coconut oil for butter is doable and tastes fantastic, but getting that egg texture is really difficult.

Long and short, I still think about that place every day and how I would literally fly to Madrid again just for their cupcakes. Here are the Oreo and Death by Chocolate cupcakes I got, just to make you guys jealous 🙂


Ok, this one is in Seville and I also happened upon it by accident. For those of you who read my previous posts (seriously go read them!) you will recall me talking about a place called Alameda Rock. Well, I was on my way to Alameda Rock when I found this place and Seville was miserably hot and humid that day and my mom and I were melting. We walked into the nearest ice cream parlor and got some delicious ice cream.

And then I saw the sign. Some selection was vegan, and others were lactose free. It was a completely unexpected food allergy that thought would be taken into consideration. Especially given the widely popular “tiny ice cream parlors around every corner” type shops, this was a breath of fresh air for people who may still want to indulge, but may fear having ice cream due to dietary restrictions or health issues. I am really impressed with this place because I wasn’t even looking for it and still found vegan options.


Not bad! For two completely hole in the wall accidental finds, these two dessert places blew me away!

OK, now I am done. It has taken me 4 articles of restaurant reviews to actually get through all the delicious places I went to in Spain, but this is the only way I could do them justice. I am truly grateful for the chance to have had to go to Spain and immerse myself in their culture and food.

Leave me a comment below or let me know where I should go next! 😉

Until next adventure!

Janani <3 <3






  1. it’s really a nice adventure so far.

    the way you pictured your experience got me nervous. i visioned myself walking down with you to ice cream parlor in Sevilla. Lol.
    it’s really nice to spend most of your time in what you like best. yea.
    and i will recommend you to try an African Country, they have a lot to offer when it comes TO TOURISM,SOCIAL AND CULTURAL PRESENTATION.. Try KFC South Africa

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